Name Research Theme Period Fund
Songnian Li Comparative Study on Distributed and Collaborated WebGIS between Japan and Canada 2009.06-2012.07 JSPS Short-term Fellowship
Songnian Li Research on Web-Based GIS for Monitoring and Modeling Urban Energy Environment 2012.06-2012.07 JSPS Short-term fellowship
Oba, Akihiro Development of Early Warning System for Climate Change Adaptation in Mongolia 2013.04-
Zhang, Hui Vulnerability of Modern Cities and Public Policy for Resilience 2013.10-2014.09 JSPS Long-term fellow
Pan Wei Historical Analysis of Typhoons in Eastasia from 1600- 2015.10-2016.07 JSPS Long-term Fellowship
Killina Kyunnei Mechanism of Forest Fire in Yakutia Republic of Russia 2015.10-2016.09 Russian President Award
Prof.Dong Jihong Restoration of Coal Mining Site 2017.12-2018.6 China National Scholarship
Vahidi Hossein Assessment and Insurance of Volunter-based Geoinformation 2018.4-2019.9 Research Fellow, SFC Institute