About Us


“Think Globally, Act Locally”. Taking various regions and cities as studying areas domestically or internationally, the GIS Lab at KEIO SFC researches natural and social issues on environment and development by use of Geographic Information technologies for the sustainability of the planet.

Keywords:Environmental governance, sustainable development, Ecosystem services, urban and regional planning, policy assessment, GIS/GNSS/RS, leadership and entrepreneurship

Prospective Students:Any students who are interested in environment and development by the integration of qualitative and quantitative investigation and analysis.


Features of GIS Lab

◆Multi-Disciplinary:SFC is a multiple disciplinary campus. All of the students with social science and natural science interests are welcome.

◆Trans-disciplinary:Study at SFC and GIS Las is project-based. Students are encouraged to set up their own projects and work with trans-disciplinary stakeholders.

◆Technic Training:We provide hands-on training on GIS technique and geo-statistics. ArcMap and R are two must. Advanced open GIS techniques are supportable.

◆Education Philosophy:Building competence by skill work, team work and field work.


Recommended Lectures

Sensing Workshop Fall
Environmental Remote Sensing Spring
Introduction of Global Environment Spring
Urban and Environment Spring
Spatial Analysis Fall
Ecosystems Assessment Fall
Ecosystems services Spring
Natural Environment Spring
Global Environmental Information Spring
Landscape Ecology Spring
Ecological Design Spring
Field Study of Ecology Spring
Urban System Spring
Spatial Modeling Spring
Earth Systems Fall
Sustainable Systems Fall


Related Program and Courses at the Graduate School of Media and Governance

GIS Lab is part of the Program of Environmental Design and Governance, Graduate School of Media and Governance.
We are also the full supporter of Environmental Innovator Course and Social Innovator Course.