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Welcome to EcoGIS Laboratory

This is EcoGIS Lab at Shonana Fujisawa Campus, Keio University. This lab is supervised by Professor Wanglin YAN, Dr. of Eng. The researcch fields are focused on GIS and its applications on environment and sustainable development.
We have academic experiences on urban heat islands with thermal satellite images and in situ observations, desertification combating practices with NPO in Horqin Sandyland, Inner Mogolia of China, grassland monitoring and analyssis at Tibet Plateau of China. We also have experience on regional redevelopment supporting with Web 2.0 technologies. We have developed several portal sites with text mining, address matching, web mapping and ontology network techniques. For the detail of those projects , please refer to the related items in this site.
With the above educational and academic experience, we are mostly put our efforts on the assessment of the sustaibility of urban and rural areas both on deveoped and developing countries. we appreciate students with innovative concepts, multidisciplinary knowledge and geographic information techniques.
The Graduate School of Media and Governance provides the most excellent academic atmosphere in Japan and maybe in the world. Here you will have greate chances to promote your research with ICT specialists, social and economic scholars.

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